Youth @ St George’s

We are a youth ministry who loves God, loves people and is passionate about making Jesus known in the hearts of young people, and equipping them to be followers of Jesus.

Our role:

As followers of Jesus, we are called to be His disciples and to disciple others.

So, it’s our great privilege to share the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ and His GREAT love for us with young people in our Church and the wider community. We will walk alongside them as they grow and develop their meaningful relationship with him.

Who we are


Emily has been part of the church family for many years and enjoys spending time with all ages. She is now working alongside young people in her role of Development Youth and Community worker. She wants to make Jesus known in the hearts of young people in the church and the community, by encouraging and supporting them in their walk with Jesus. When the opportunity arises, Emily enjoys traveling, experiencing different cultures and meeting people. 


I grew up in a Christian home, surrounded by love. For that, I will always be grateful. I am on an exciting journey, rooted in faith, love and hope; I am so excited to see what Wembdon has in store for me over the next few years. I’m a drummer, an avid reader, a keen equestrian and a general nuisance to have around. I take my tea strong, with a splash of milk and a chocolate biscuit. (Chocolate Fingers are my preference.) Please feel free to come and chat to me during Church, during coffee – if you just see me around and about St George’s- I’d love to chat and get to know new people!


Our Sunday morning gathering where we develop and refine our young people’s understanding of Jesus’ love through opening the Bible together and discussing its themes, and truth while applying to their lives today.

Authentic for girls + boys

Our once-a-month Friday group “Authentic” is designed to serve and equip our young people in a unique way. With boys and girls in their own, same-sex, groups, Authentic is a safe space for our young people to ask questions and grow in their Christian faith and maturity.

Café Church

A once a month informal gathering where we get together with the church family to ask great questions and
have discussions about the bible while sharing food together .

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