Who’s who

Find out a bit more about the people involved in running the church below:

Ed Moll – Minister

Ed is married to Christa and they have two teenage boys. Ed worked in the chemical industry before moving to full-time church work and bible teaching, and served churches in Newcastle and Basingstoke before settling in Wembdon. He likes films and family holidays. He has jointly written a book called “Gospel Centred Family” with Tim Chester.

Simon Evans – Discipleship

Simon is married to Jackie and is involved in a number of areas of church ministry including small group leadership and teaching.  He has a real desire to see people grow in their Christian faith and has a particular focus on discipleship and pastoral care.  Men’s ministry is also within his brief – this includes men’s conference events, men’s breakfasts and curry nights!  Simon has practiced as an estate agent locally for many years, and continues to work as a consultant.  

Simon Taylor – Honorary Associate Minister

Simon is married to Jayne. Coming to ordained ministry late he held previous leadership responsibilities elsewhere. He enjoys sharing God’s love with one and all including through preaching and teaching. Apart from general parish duties, he is responsible for supporting the independent mission link at Newtown Kings Church. Simon likes cooking, walking, music, photography and gardening. One vaguely interesting fact: Simon has hand baked all their bread since 2006!

Emma McFaul – Families and Children

Jo Tinker – Ministry Coordinator

Jo has joined us as the new, part-time Ministry Coordinator at St George’s. She moved to Somerset with her family in January 2021 and brings experience from various administrative roles. She also works part-time doing the finances for Contagious Bible Ministries, who run Christian young people’s conferences in the summer, and additionally does freelance proofreading and copy-editing. In her spare time she loves walking along the coast or in the hills, and curling up with a good book in front of a fire. 

Emily Dowds – Youth and Community Worker

Emily has been part of the church family for many years and enjoys spending time with all ages. She is now working alongside young people in her role of Development Youth and Community worker. She wants to make Jesus known in the hearts of young people in the church and the community, by encouraging and supporting them in their walk with Jesus. When the opportunity arises, Emily enjoys traveling, experiencing different cultures and meeting people. 

Laura Churchyard – Youth and Community Worker

I grew up in a Christian home, surrounded by love. For that, I will always be grateful. I am on an exciting journey, rooted in faith, love and hope; I am so excited to see what Wembdon has in store for me over the next few years. I’m a drummer, an avid reader, a keen equestrian and a general nuisance to have around. I take my tea strong, with a splash of milk and a chocolate biscuit. (Chocolate Fingers are my preference.) Please feel free to come and chat to me during Church, during coffee – if you just see me around and about St George’s- I’d love to chat and get to know new people!

Paul Hodge – Church Warden
Liz Birch – Parish Centre
Gareth and Coraley Dunn – Music Co-ordinators