Leadership & Governance

The Staff Team – enabling the day to day ministry at St George’s

The staff team coordinates the day to day ministry at St George’s Church and mainly in Wembdon. They assist the Senior Minister in leading the church towards fulfilling the Church’s objectives (currently set out in the 2019 Vision and Plan).

The staff (excluding licensed clergy) are employed by the PCC and accountable through the Senior Minister. Licensed clergy are also accountable to the Bishop. The staff meet weekly on Mondays for prayer and planning.

The Ministry Leadership Team (MLT)

The Ministry Leadership Team oversees the church’s pastoral and teaching ministry in Wembdon and Newtown.

MLT includes both staff and non-staff members, as well as the churchwarden to ensure overlap with the PCC. Members are proposed to PCC for appointment and confirmed annually at the APCM. Ministry Leaders are chosen from among those with oversight of a word ministry within the church.

The core MLT meets monthly to discuss plan and pray; Emma and Chris join about every other meeting. At present meetings are chaired by Ed Moll.


The Parochial Church Council (PCC) acts as the Trustees of the church and is the formal decision-making body. It cooperates with the Senior Minister in promoting the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical. The PCC is responsible for setting the church’s budget and employs the staff (except for licensed clergy). The PCC is also ultimately responsible for safeguarding matters and Safer Recruitment of staff and volunteers. The PCC ensures that the church is meeting is legal and financial obligations. 

PCC members are elected from among the congregation with some others (such as licensed clergy) being appointed by virtue of their role. As a registered Charity, the PCC is also accountable to the Charity Commission.

The full PCC meets about 6 times each year and if necessary a Standing Committee can make decisions between meetings. The conduct of PCC meetings is governed by the Church Representation Rules. The chair is Ed Moll and Paul Hodge is vice-chair.


The Parish Safeguarding Officer (PSO) at St George’s is Julian Cann. His work is overseen by the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor (DSA). Any concern referred to the PSO is dealt with by them with advice from the DSA, who is independent of St George’s.

The PSO is only accountable to the PCC insofar as their role is to enable the PCC to fulfil its legal obligations with regard to safeguarding. Safeguarding concerns are only shared with PCC, MLT, Staff Team if this is appropriate and in line with the safeguarding policies in place.

Safeguarding contact information is prominently displayed on church property and website, along with non-church safeguarding contacts.